Lima Salty 3 – Rules (English)


  • This is a “BYOC” event. All participants must provide their own controllers to play.
  • The use of controllers with macro assists is strictly forbidden.
  • The button layout for controllers can be customized. If not explicitly stated, all customization options like simul-press mappings (PPP,KKK) are allowed.
  • The use of converters is allowed, with the following consideration: If your converter needs a pad to be paired with the console, you must bring everything: the controller you’ll be using, the converter and the extra pad to perform the pairing.
  • Playstation4: The only wireless controller allowed for competition is the Dualshock4, but players must unpair the controllers manually after a match ends (this is not just turning off the controller; you must unpair it via the corresponding options menu). Not doing so will incur in a disqualification from the tournament.
  • Playstation3: Using a Dualshock3 or Sixaxis is allowed, but players must remove the battery from the controllers and connect them to the console using a cable. The use of Dualshock4 controllers on PS3 is forbidden.


  • All games will be played with 2 out of 3 rounds to win a fight, default damage and 99 seconds timer.
  • Player sides: If the players don’t agree on 1P/2P sides assignment it will be decided by a coin flip. The player who loses a fight can request changing sides.
    Stage selection: If the players don’t agree on a stage, the stage selection will be set to random.
  • Character selection: Before a match starts, both players will choose a character. After a fight ends, the winner will remain using the same character and the loser can change his character if he wants.
  • In the case of a fight ending in a draw (i.e.: double K.O. in the last round) it will be replayed with the same combination of characters/stages and no points will be awarded to the players.
  • Blind pick: It’s possible for a player to request a “blind pick” to the referee. In this mode, both players will secretly tell the referee which character they want to use, and then they’ll proceed to select their characters in game. If the selections don’t match what the players told the referee, they’ll have to restart the process.
  • If a player pauses the game he’ll automatically lose the current round.
  • If a technical error/problem occurs (i.e.: game breaking glitch, power outage) the fight will be restarted after the problem is solved. This does not include problems related to controllers.


  • The tournaments will be played using a double elimination bracket format (you lose two matches and you are out of competition).
  • A match winner is decided using best-of-three fights format; the loser’s finals, winner’s finals and grand finals are special matches and use a best-of-five format.
    Players must be present at the designated time to compete. A five minute tolerance will be applied, and if after this period a participant is not present will lose the match 2-0 or 3-0 depending on the case.
  • If both players are not present after the 5 minute tolerance the winner will be decided by a coin flip.
  • We encourage competition, but physical or verbal violence won’t be tolerated. If a participant is caught in such behavior will be automatically disqualified from all tournaments, expelled from the event floor and probably sent to the Netherrealm with a Sega Saturn and a retail copy of SF: The Movie as only means of entertainment for all eternity.


  • Platform: Playstation4
  • Players: 13+ years old
  • The game will be played using the last available version patch.
  • All characters released to date will be available (16 character base roster + Alex + ???).
  • The use of the “legacy controller” option is banned. It presents erratic behavior with some sticks and isn’t suitable for tournament level gameplay since it could negatively affect competition.


  • Platform: Playstation4
  • Players: 13+ years old
  • The game version used will be the REVELATOR Demo available as a preorder bonus in PSN
  • All characters included in the demo will be available.


  • Platform: Playstation4
  • Players: 16+ years old
  • The game will be played using the last available version patch
  • All characters released to date will be available (base roster + Kombat Pack 1 + Kombat Pack 2).

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